Sunday, 17 May 2020

Nac/Hut Report - Transmisja Z Przesilenia (Chrunchy Human Children)

Sometimes, massive changes of direction can be a good thing.  However, I'm always glad to hear a new Nac/Hut Report album and find that they've resisted it.  Frankly this duo, based in Poland, create such astonishing things together it's always refreshing to find that a new collection of their stuff consists of hammering out a new set of jarring, challenging noises from pretty much the same template.

As usual, the release comes via the Warsaw cooperative Crunchy Human Children and, as you might have guessed from my preliminary comments, it doesn't disappoint.  I played a track from the album in my Dandelion Radio show last month and this month I'm playing 'Plytki Lek'. 

The album is available to buy on cassette or as NYP download here.

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Mood Taeg - Exophoria (Happy Robots)

Another excellent release from the Happy Robots label becomes available next week in the form of this Dusseldorf/Shanghai collaboration that stems from a wider collective comprising DJs, graffiti artists and photographers, among others.

Exophonia's five tracks exhibit their krautrock influences prominently but there's something highly distinctive about what emerges, all emanating from their own Lowell's Garden studio where digital recording techniques meet with analogue synths to produce results that are at once experimental and bewitchingly accessible.

I'm playing opening track '2MR' in my Dandelion Radio show this month and you can pre-order the release as a download or on vinyl here.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Jangly Mark & The Benefits - My City (Lavender Sweep)

The sprightly, strangely intimate feel of a Jangly Mark & The Benefits release has invariably brought a positive shine to many aspects of life.   This new EP - released at the height of lockdown a coronavirus-ravaged Britain - is no exception.

Released via the always excellent Lavender Sweep label, the EP contains some unreleased gems, the B-side of the excellent I Fancy You single and a couple of glimpses of what to expect from the forthcoming Rimmer & Other Stories album.

I'm playing 'Heading East' (the aforementioned B-side) in my Dandelion Radio show this month and I strongly encourage you to give the full EP a listen.  It's available here as a free download but with a request to make a donation to a charity providing PPE for NHS staff.

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Wished Bone & Spencer Radcliffe - A Bug Crawled In The Piano

While all genres of music can throw up items of interest, some are less fertile ground than others.   For instance, that kind of dreamy bedroom lo-fi that has found a home on the 'name your price' areas of bandcamp has not, it has to be said, offered an especially rich source of great tunes.

Ohio's Wished Bone are an exception and always have been.   Very often even a cursory wander over to their bandcamp page can dig up the occasional delight: on this collaboration with Spencer Radcliffe, the delights are more than just occasional: they come thick and fast.

I'm playing opening track 'Help My Brother' in my Dandelion Radio show this month.  It's a wonderful starting point for a short journey (six tracks) of subtle touches and gentle but threatening curves.   Get it, of course, for name-your-price here.

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Roman Angelos - Spacetronic Lunchbox (Happy Robots)

Happy Robots are establishing themselves as one of the most fascinating and innovative labels around at the moment.   This quirky delight from Roman Angelos (the pseudonym of New Yorker Rich Bennett) crams eleven synth pop tunes into ten minutes.  It's like the kind of muzak you'd hear in a psychedelically-altered elevator.

Having played a track from the album in my Dandelion Radio show last month I've been playing 'Farewell To Love' in this month's show (hear it today or tomorrow or on Mixcloud after that) and I still can't get enough.  If the elevator analogy can be extended further, it's like, having reached your intended destination, you forget all about it and want to leap back in again and again just for the hell of it.

Get the album here and look out for the forthcoming album from Mood Taeg on Happy Robots: I'll be playing a track from that in my show next month.

Saturday, 25 April 2020

V/A - You Don't Have To Be Fashionable Vol. 8 (With A Messy Head)

The annual You Don't Have To Be Fashionable compilation from French label With A Messy Head is always keenly anticipated.    The release invariably offers great opportunities to hear some great new bands or artists from around the world, reacquaint yourself with a few already established favourites and just generally listen to some fantastic tunes. 

Volume 8 is up there with the best yet.  I've made it a featured compilation in my Dandelion Radio show this month, playing tunes from three bands I don't think I've played on the show before - Germany's Big Hit, The Victor Pope Band from Scotland and Barcelonas Ella Ella along with tracks from the wonderful Carton Sonore (France) and Woog Riots (Germany), both of whom I've featured multiple times before and will no doubt continue to do so.   Incidentally, the new Woog Riots single is great and I'll be playing that in my show next month.

Get the album for free here.

Monday, 20 April 2020

V/A - 'Mark Barton's "The Sunday Experience"' (Bearsuit)

I have to confess I hadn't been aware of Mark Barton's  work prior to his untimely death earlier this year.    Having got hold of a copy of this excellent tribute album, it's clear how much I was missing out.   So many terrific bands and artists have contributed to this tribute compilation, it's hard to know where to begin.  The Lovely Eggs, JD Meatyard and Moon Duo all feature here among many other staples of my musical diet over the last few years.

I'm featuring selections from the compilation in my April Dandelion Radio show, concentrating on artists I've either not played in the show before or not played enough.   That both helps to narrow it down and also enter into the spirit of this tribute to a great lover of new music and someone who clearly dedicated a lot of his life to bringing it to the attention of others.

In my show, which streams at various times until the end of the month, you'll hear tracks from Schizo Fun Addict, Xqui, FortDax and Eat Lights, Become Lights but please do yourself a favour and don't leave it there.  There are 42 tracks on this mammoth release, lovingly assembled by the wonderful Bearsuit Records, and all proceeds go to McMillan Cancer.  Get it on CD or download here.