Saturday, 5 September 2015

Unqualified Nurse - Bad Taste Reaction

The world wasn't crying out for another competent yet formulaic garage rock band of the kind whose material and links frequent my inbox week after week.  It was, however, screaming the place down for the kind of thing Unqualified Nurse do - caustic, feedback-drenched tunes with a whiff of the atonal and a structure that holds together defiantly despite, it seems, the entire band pulling away from it in different directions.

This Derby- based band had already served notice of their attempt to disrupt a scene that was getting far too cosy with their Let Snarl album, released back in January.  Now, this EP has appeared on their bandcamp site to emphasise even further the naked power married to experimental zeal of a band who certainly stand as one of the most interesting things 2015 has managed to unearth.

None of the five songs makes it past the 1:16 mark yet within each nugget of sound exists a beguiling, twisted noise that remains a part of your head long after the brief encounter has elapsed.  The EP's longest track, 'Welcome to Fear City/Erratic Van' is a sludgy, grinding gem of a tune, awash in a wind tunnel of circling noise and deviant guitars while 'Myth Generator', which I'm playing in my Dandelion Radio show this month, begins with a discordant guitar whirl and buzzes around your head like a wasp's nest you disturbed: the stings bite into your brain but you don't care.

And they've made it NYOP at bandcamp so there's no excuse for your life to remain undisturbed by this glorious racket for a moment longer.  Get it here