Friday, 28 January 2011

UT-003 transmissions u.t. (Dandelion Radio Session) - Vert:x

Unwashed Territories proudly present the krautrock/spacerock-inspired churning epics of the amazing Vert:x. 'transmissions u.t.' gives an official release to the four mindblowing tracks they recorded exclusively for my Dandelion Radio show in November. In a year of great sessions for the show, this was one of the best. Neil Whitehead and Keith Hill make seductive, multi-textured landscapes of sound that stun the senses into submission.

Featuring over half an hour of Vert:x at their best, 'transmissions u.t.' can be got here for a mere £1.99 and there's the added bonus of a free track, Acidic Clone, originally released on their magnificent 'a.f.m.o.m.a.h.e.' CD.

Get amongst it.

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