Thursday, 12 May 2011

The amazing Sugarbrute - in session in my Dandelion Radio show

I really ought to have written something about this before now. The incredible Sugarbrute appear in session in my June Dandelion Radio show, streaming at various times throughout the month at, and I can't describe how good they are. No, I mean it. I've tried it and I can't. I've often written in reviews about the difficulty of describing really great music and I've finally found a band whose sounds is so astonishing, I literally have failed in my many attempts to put this into words.

I can tell you they come from Milford Haven. I can tell you that three of their tracks can be heard in the aforementioned show. I can even say that, if you heard the tracks I played by them in some of my winter shows, you'll know something of what to expect, but not quite, because they've got even better. I really hope you'll check them out because everyone in the world should have the chance to hear this band.

And I promise this blog is soon to get much, much more active and frequent, because soon we will have news of an incredible FREE compilation available via Unwashed Territories. Keep your eyes PEELed.

Mark W

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