Sunday, 26 May 2013

Cyclic Freeload Unit - Chronic Svelte

They entered my life in a rudely impertinent way, securing a number 10 placing in the festive fifty of 2012 and providing one of the real highlights of that illustrious chart's recent history with the relatively unknown, outside of the rarified climes of the Mark Cunliffe show, 'Bitch Chicken Flower'.

But then rudely impertinent pretty much sums up what Cyclic Freeload Unit do, and they do it pretty much better than anyone else.  Or should I say 'does', because as far as I can make out this is the work of a man called Bling Porpoise.  Quite why that fine name in itself wasn't enough under which to release these amazing, contorted, experimental and unfeasibly frantic tunes, I don't know.  But then Cyclic Freeload United are (is) nothing if not about sensory overload well beyond the bounds of logic.

Now Mr Porpoise is back (not that he ever really went away, so far as I'm aware) and 'Bitch Chicken Flower' has got another lease of life as part of a two track release that goes under the name of Chronic Svelte.   It's accompanied by 'My Ram Is Sick', an entirely surprising piece of work, partly because if it wasn't surprising it wouldn't be Cyclic Freeload Unit, but also because it manages - in defiance of all reason - to be even better than its illustrious musical companion.
Bling Porpoise

To hear 'My Ram Is Sick' is to realise that its predecessor/bedfellow, for all its frenzied electronic madness, was actually a comparatively restrained piece of work when placed next to what Bling Porpoise really has lurking up his sleeve. It's an everything-including-the-kitchen-sink musical extravaganza, allowing this remarkable sonic architect the kind of free rein he deserves to plunder all sorts of avenues of sound and pummel them together into a five minute plus cacophony of the impossibly diverse yet brilliantly crafted.

It's a track I'm featuring in my May show on Dandelion Radio, which means you've only got another five days in which to hear it.  The show that is, not 'My Ram Is Sick', which is available in exchange for a mere click of the 'Free Download' button on the Cyclic Freeload Unit bandcamp site.  In a world in which too many people go about wearing suits, speaking with impossibly controlled syntax and pretending they never go to the toilet, this is an antidote you sorely need.

Download it here

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