Sunday, 1 September 2013

Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno - Doobie Wonderland

I thought I knew Acid Mothers Temple.  Hardly a surprising claim, since they've been knocking about in some form or other since the seventies and have a steady stream of fine releases to their name, dabbling in all sorts of genres from Prog Rock to space rock to German experimentalism and doing it consistently well.

Hence my surprise that Doobie Wonderland doesn't merely continue this absorbing history, but adds to it and expands on it.  I might even stick my neck out and say it's the best thing Acid Mothers Temple have ever done.  In fact, sod it,  I think I will.  This is Acid Mother Temple's best work, taking all the aforementioned elements and adding to the mix crazy funk experiments and disco parodies that Funkadelic wouldn't have turned their noses up to and coming up with a frenzied cocktail of sound that adds intoxicating life where once there had been only doom, albeit intoxicating in itself.

There are five tracks on Doobie Wonderland and they're all stunners.  You may have heard me play the woozy krautrock of 'Planet Golden Love' in last month's Dandelion Radio show.  Whether you did or not, tune in this month where you'll hear over eighteen minutes of 'M.J. Love 666', which if anything is even better.

For once, a great band's shifting line-up hasn't led to any decline in their potency.  On the contrary, this is a revitalised Acid Mothers Temple with a new approached that has refreshed parts we didn't even realise needed refreshing.  It's also one of the best albums of the year so far.  Full marks to the excellent Parallax Sounds for putting it out.  Get it here.


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    1. To adapt Mandy Rice-Davies's famous phrase "Well you would say that, wouldn't you." I'm still catching up with the AMT discography, but on present form I am inclined to agree though.

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  3. AMT have thrown so much stuff at the wall over years, every now and again some of it has to stick. This might be one of them that does, by the sound of it - will have to investigate. :)