Monday, 26 November 2012

Best Albums of 2012: 15-11

Absolutely loads of people accessed this blog yesterday, so I thought I'd follow up quickly with the next instalment while I've got your interest (!).   Remember it's to vote in the only chart that really counts.

Anyway, 15-11 coming up:

15. No Head In The Helmet - Suck Susan (Daddy Tank)

Another extraordinary electronic-and-much-more masterpiece from the world's famous label.  Their releases always sound nothing much like anything else - and this is no exception.

14. The Fearless Vampire Killers - Calavera Calavera (Self-Released)

Manic sub-gothic electronic with a broom shoved up its arse.  Another one that, amazingly, you can get for absolutely nothing here.  

13.  This Is PiL - Public Image Ltd (PiL)

Comeback of the century.   I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

12.  Spring I'm In - Alligator Indian (Bleeding Gold)

Always great when a band's early demos turn out to be bettered by their first official album.   Alligator Indian achieved this with a hellish brew of jagged ferocity and beautifully crafted melodies, all in one bundle, and provided the excellent Bleeding Gold label with their best release of the year.

11. Seitseman - The Sebastians (Trance Bum)

Techno and trance, but not as you know it.   One of many delights purloined from the always challenging Dogs Can Read Your Mind blog, and I'm still riding its freaky wave now.   In fact, reckon I'll put it on now...

Top Ten coming soon.

Mark W

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