Sunday, 18 November 2012

Best Albums of 2012: 30-26

Continuing the countdown.  And remember you have 12 more days left to vote in the official Festive Fifty at Dandelion Radio here.

Wolfgang Sings Hymns - Wolfgang Strutz
30. Sorry - White Lung (Deranged)

Sizzling, rapidfire punk-inspired melodies (yes, melodies).

29.  Into The Diamond Sun - Stealing Sheep (Heavenly)

Saw them at this year's Green Man Festival.   Blown away.  Jerky rhythmic brilliance from Liverpool: think Raincoats and Slits with added mystery ingredients.

28. The Wild Wild Berry - Hladowski & Joynes (Bo' Weavil)

Not heard a straight folk record as good as this for years.

27. Tales of Interdimensional Travel - ZuVuYa (Akashik).

Mind expanding trance-y psychedelia froim another realm.  Get it for nothing here.

26. Wolfgang Sings Hymns - Wolfgang Strutz (Self-Released)

Exactly what it says.  Band reinterprets hymns and gospel tunes.   Gets it absolutely spot-on.   Free download from here.

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