Sunday, 3 February 2013

Comanechi - You Owe Me Nothing But Love

If you're stuck for a Valentine's gift for your loved one/partner/object of dangerous obsession this year, you might wish to be aware that the new Comanechi album is released by the Tigertrap label on that day. 

Not that it's a benign alternative to chocolates and flowers, unless they're chocolates with spiked centres and venus fly traps, which would make a nice change in their own right, I suppose.  Despite the title, the characteristically noisy edge of Comanechi rightly destoys any tender sentiments lurking within and ensures that the active verb 'Owe' is the one that prevails.   This album demands.  The lyrics demand from their subject matter; the music demands from the listener; the whole thing demands your attention.  This ain't music for dinner parties, unless they're the kind of dinner parties where a serial killer turns up and fucks and eats everyone.

Much as the rest of the album's charms are difficult to resist, its undoubted centrepiece is provided by 'Patsy', a seven-minute plus elegy to depravity where Patsy herself takes the narrative voice to announce herself as an obsessive hell-bent on exposing herself to anyone finding him or herself in her vicinity; the tale of debauchery goes on to include graphic sexual confessionals including incestual liaisons with both her brother and her sister.

It ain't easy listening, so if you don't like easy listening then this might well be for you.   While you've got to wait till 14 Feb to get the whole thing, you can hear 'Patsy' in my Dandelion Radio show this month, and the album's first single 'Dream of Dream' drops on Tigertrap tomorrow.   Such delectable tasters will almost certainly whet your appetite for the rest of it, which will certainly allow this Valentine's Day to go off with a bang.   Rather than a romantic violinist of a visit from Interflora, try turning 'Patsy' up at full volume.  If your intended beau doesn't appreciate it, drop him/her and embrace the world of Comanechi alone.   Do you good, I reckon.

Mark W

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