Saturday, 2 February 2013

Dementio13 - Last Test

Well bugger me if he hasn't done it again.   So much electronic music relies on the dynamisms of repetition and monotony.  That is not a criticism.   There's a lot to be said for repetition and monotony and I like it very much, but these are not the dynamisms at work in the music of Dementio13, whose back catalogue is as consistently excellent as it is varied.   And those variations aren't just between the releases, but within them.

For all the superlatives I've heaped on this brilliant artists in the past, Last Test may be the finest expression of this yet.   The variety at the heart of this throbbing electronic monster sees Paul Foster, the wizard behind all this, venturing into even more wildly diverse territory.   You sense this is the work of an individual whose thrilling at every layer of sound he puts onto a track; in Last Test I'm suddenly aware that some other Dementio13 were, though I didn't realise it at the time, actually quite restrained in comparison.  This is Dementio13 getting attuned to the nature of the electronic beast that resides within its sound, releasing it and thrilling at the carnage it wreaks.

We'd had a glimpse already, when 'Zenit' was promo-ed on my Into The Light compilation - still available via the link by the way.   I assumed, quite reasonably I thought, that the track was destined to be the standout of this collection, but it turns out it's just one of a whole album of belters.    For my Dandelion Radio show in February, I've opted to play the stunted rave of album opener 'A Beat Called Don' but you really can't go wrong with anything on this eclectic yet uniformly great collection.

Hard to know where this musical project can go next, but I'd seriously advise you follow his adventures here and grab a copy of Last Test while you're at it.

Mark W

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