Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Futuroscope - HUM

Among other things, it's that time of the year for stumbling upon things you really ought to have heard before now.  Such is the case, with this offering from Futuroscope, which came out during that awkward period in early summer when necessity so often prevents me from checking my inbox and the internet every day for fear of missing something.

Which just goes to show, you take your eye of the ball for a few moments and for almost half the year you remain shockingly unaware of something as good as this, a cassette/download release from a French bands containing members that were formerly in the extraordinary good Jagwar Pirates.  And if that doesn't spell out how good it is, allow me to do it for you: this band delivers as crushing a sub-krautrock simultaneous blow to the head and guts as you're likely to find anywhere.

The eight tracks all make you want to drown in the drool you produce on listening to them but, if you'll permit me to pick out some highlights, check out the epic brain-crunch of 'Voyager 1 (Delay Delay Dinosaurs)' and the even longer album-closer 'La Jetee'.   

I'm going somewhere else for my first stab at airplay though.  You can hear opening track 'Moon' in my Dandelion Radio show this month.  It begins with a teasingly long slow burner of an intro, and you wouldn't complain if the entire LP simply took its signature from there, but then it explodes into your head like the kind of fireworks the more uncouth kids down our way somehow get their hands onto, and things get cranked up to an almost impossibly appealing level.  

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