Sunday, 23 November 2014

Top Forty Albums of 2014: Numbers 40-36

I know some people think I start this too early but I like to get my top forty albums of the year out of the way before the festive fifty (which is, after all, the only really important chart of the year) starts its broadcasting cycle, so here goes.  Forty favourite albums of 2014, beginning with the numbers 40-36:

40. Scorched - Dead Fader (Robot Elephant)

Superior scratchy electronica whose position at number forty says something of the quality of what is to come.  2014 started slowly but more than made up for it in its later months.

39. An Actual Thing - Anguish Sandwich (Self-released)

Classy, giving indie a good name and probably only this low due to its appearance so late in the year.

38.  HUM - Futuroscope (Monofunus Press)

Ex-Jagwar Pirates make an impressive racket: repetition in the music, and they use it.

37.  Carnival of Souls - Pere Ubu (Fire)

Massive thanks to my Dandelion Radio colleague Lee Adcock for pointing me in the direction of this stunning return to form.

36.  Clark - Clark (Warp)

His best yet.  Another late in the year release: hear a track from it in my forthcoming December show and marvel at the results of some sublime manipulation of electronic sounds.

Numbers 35-31 coming soon.  As mentioned above, the only chart that really matters is the festive fifty and you have only seven days left to vote in it at

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