Monday, 26 March 2012

The ABAGA label - this keeps getting better

Edinburgh's ABAGA label has started the year with the kind of flying start that, if it were an athlete, would put them top of the list for a drugs test. You may have heard the Tactus remix from the magnificent Profisee EP in my Dandelion Radio show earlier in the year, and out now are releases from Jammin J and the ever-wonderful TeKlo, both of which feature in April.

Remarkably, they offer some of this stuff for free, as is the case with the recent Square 1 EP from Bristolian Quektis, a track from which opened the show in March. The track in question, a remix of the tune from Dumbo that soundtracks the most bizarre and nightmarish non-Pinocchio sequence in Disney history, twists and re-casts the tune into something that, incredibly, enhances its troubled brilliance. You can hear a similar artistic countenance at play on a cartoonish rendention of Shirley Temple's 'Lollipop' and a sublime re-working of Bob Marley's 'Sun Is Shining'.

The latter also makes an appearance in my April show. It's not often I find room to cram in three releases from the same label, especially in what is an absolutely storming month for other new releases, all of which exemplifies what an incredible high ABAGA are on at the moment. Join me in looking forward to what they come up with over the rest of 2012. But join me first in my April show and grab a listen to something from three of the year's finest releases thus far.

Mark W

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