Thursday, 1 March 2012

In session in March - ANT

It's almost twelve years since ANT recorded his one session for the John Peel show, though of course he appeared on that programme many times as Antony Harding - drummer with Peel legends Hefner. He also recorded a session for Tom Robinson in 2006. This month, these all too rare appearances receive a timely follow-up when ANT's first session for Dandelion Radio is broadcast in my March show.

The Peel session coincided with Ant's first solo album and since then there have been a whole procession of releases across Europe and Asia on a range of different labels. His new album is set for release on the Italian We Were Never Boring label and versions of two tracks from the album feature in the session, together with a magnificent cover of a Caroline Lufkin song and the entirely exclusive 'Light This Love & Watch It Burn' which you can't get in any form at the moment and won't be able to for some time. So the only way to hear it is to tune into the show.

Ant's tunes are of the softly laconic variety but with a subtle barb always lurking below the gentleness. For all my respect for the work of those whose mission in life is to assault our eardrums (and you can hear plenty of that in the show - I give you Fat Janitor, Your Enemy and Amstatten Bedroom Punk for starters), I've always reserved a special affection for those who are able to do such wonderful things beneath a cloak of apparent gentleness. Ant has this in abundance and I'm pleased to say that his session offers a glimpse of him at his very best.

Mark W

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