Sunday, 18 March 2012

Amstatten Bedroom Punk

The more music I hear the more I realise it just can't get too abrasive, so long as that abrasiveness comes in a package equal parts jerky, jagged and distorted to hell. I knew nothing about Amstatten Bedroom Punk until I stumbled across them following a recommendation from the Drug Punk blog, but I now realise they've been doing this kind of thing better than pretty much anyone else, and doing it for much longer than I originally suspected.

They're from Hungary, and their sound reminds me of the one I used to get in those days when, as a child, they put me to sleep with gas in a dentist's surgery, and I slipped into some horrible half-dream filled for some reason with rubber springs, while the ghostly dim fuzz of the dentist's drill buzzed threateningly in the background. Except Amstatten Bedroom Punk push the drill right up to the top of the mix and render the dental dream nightmare so garish it becomes perversely present, in a thrilling, self-immolating kind of way.

Their substantially unpronounceable vxcfsxa EP is available for free download at their bandcamp site and you might be advised, when there, to check our their Osterreich Uber Alles and Nine Inch releases from 2011. You can hear their Ciganydome track in my Dandelion Radio show this month.

Mark W

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