Friday, 29 November 2013

Best Albums of 2013: 11. Mark Wynn

11. Social Situations - Mark Wynn (Self-Released)

Stripped down bare, a lone voice and guitar can deliver a sparse eloquence that relies for its potency on the quality of the individual behind it.  Mark Wynn produces that potency with ridiculous consistency.  Line him up alongside Roy Harper, Billy Bragg and Jeffrey Lewis and see him slug it out with the best.  Seriously - he's that good.

His prolific output produced many of the delights of 2013 and there were so many high points it's difficult to do justice to them all.  My favourite was this, which came out as a split LP with The Sorry Kisses and also as a separate download on Mark's bandcamp site. It's like a Fast Show for the ears, only better. The scattergun delivery and acerbic humour pepper your ears and mind with a barrage of images that build into a panoramic private glimpse into a world where popular culture rubs up against mundane, brilliant obsessions and the listener wins every time.  

Get it here.

This will be my last post before voting closes in the official festive fifty, so make sure you let us know your three favourite tracks of the year before midnight on 30 November here.  

My top ten countdown begins from 1 December.

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