Thursday, 28 November 2013

Best Albums of 2013: 12. Bill Baird

12. Spring Break of the Soul - Bill Baird (Pau Wau)

For the second year running, there's a place in my top twenty for the twisted pop of this Austin, Texas artiste.  Less immediate that last year's offering, Spring Break of the Soul nonetheless creeps into your consciousness and leaves a mark there that's both vivid and indelible.  Baird's basic artistic palette has its roots in late psychedelic strangeness, but there's so much more to this seventeen track collection: the man has a restless consciousness that means he leaves few stones unturned in his sometimes bizarre quest for interest and inspiration.  For the listener, this is an enigmatic and playful romp through a million shades of pop goodness.

Get it as a download here or on double vinyl from Pau Wau here.  

Two days left to vote in the festive fifty here.  

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