Thursday, 23 June 2011

Five Years Volume One, Track 10 - Ste McCabe/Tingle In The Netherlands

Ste McCabe - Public Debate (Tingle In The Netherlands Version)

Describing himself as a 'One Man Pop Punk Electro queer Noise Machine', Ste was introduced to us via the Rachel Neiman show and his often acerbic and deviously provocative songs found a whom in the upper echelons of the festive fifty, with both 'Huyton Scum' and 'Murder Music' making the top ten.

Both tracks showcase Ste's uncompromising commentaries on narrow-mindedness and conservative values in a world that has drifted towards a cosseted acceptance of middle class mores.

Ste now does his own regular show on Dandelion, which is entertaining and confrontational in satisfyingly equal measure.

This track is Cheshire electroc absurdists' Tingle In The Netherlands, remix of Ste's 'Public Debate'. Tingle In The Netherlands ae one of the few bands whose music lives up to the excellence of their name, and they also earned a deserved high entry in the festive fifty last year with the scorching 'Prostitute's Handbag'.


  1. Thanks for the name check and the lovely comment. We're also on blogger:

    HT (Tingle In The Netherlands)

  2. "Cheshire electroc absurdists" - Perfect description.