Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Five Years Volume One, Track 5 - JD Meatyard

JD Meatyard - Olive Tree

With Levellers 5 and Calvin Party John Donaldson recorded eight sessions for the John Peel show. The consistently brilliant Calvin Party, who also featured in two festive fifties, later appeared in session in the Mark Whitby show of October 2009 as part of Dandelion's 'Peel Legends' month. Now based in Amsterdam and recording as JD Meatyard, John has an album to be released on Probe Plus this summer and, from it, 'Olive Tree' holds up an unnerving mirror to the listener in its raw presentation of attitudes to the persecution of Palestinians.

Donaldson continues to be a lyricist of gently stated but devastating insight and a performer who combines a fine treatment of musical tradition with an uncompromising individualism. The words 'Peel legend' have never been more fitting.

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