Friday, 17 June 2011

'Five Years' Volume One, Track 7 - Trembling Blue Stars

Trembling Blue Stars - River And Rail

Fronted by Bobby Wratten (formerly of The Field Mice and Northern Picture Library), Trembling blue Stars have continued to showcase Wratten's remarkable song-crafting talent. His eye for detail and uncompromising reflective honest - as exemplified in tracks like 'Abba On The Jukebox@, which made John Peel's festive fifty in 1996 - set Wratten's bands apart from their many contemporaries through the decades.

Trembling Blue Stars remain a favourite band of many Dandelion DJs. They contributed an acoustic session to Mark Whitby's show in the Peel Legends month of October 2009, featuring tracks later to appear on their 'Fast Trains & Telephone Wires' album.

Sadly this album appears to be their last, as the band confirmed their break-up last year. We're very grateful that they've contributed 'River And Rail', an acoustic demo from 2002, and a hitherto unreleased track, to this compilation.

(NB: apologies that this track was wrongly entitled 'Road And Rail' in early downloads of the album).

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