Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Five Years Volume One, Track 8 - The Chasms

The Chasms - A Copse Of Trees

Few bands have united in praise so many of the notoriously idiosyncratic Dandelion DJs as The Chasms. Hailing from the Isle Of Man, the band made one of the most celebrated of Dandelion sessions, for Pete Jackson's show in September 2009, subsequently released as the Chasms Vs Dandelion Radio EP.

Their astonishing feedback-drenced epics have found a home on two incredible albums - 'Advance Paranoia, Advance' and 'Index Of Spirits' - both free as downloads on their own Command To Destroy label (to get them, visit the website address at the bottom of this post) - with a track from each securing the number five spot in two successive festive fifties. 'A Copse Of Trees' is an exclusive track recorded by the band for this compilation.

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