Sunday, 12 October 2014

21 Songs for John: 11 - JD Meatyard

JD Meatyard – Taking Over the Asylum

Following Calvin Party's split, John Donaldson quickly re-emerged with this project, which proved to at least as good as anything he's done before while to some, including me, it's produced some of his very best work.   JD Meatyard contributed the brilliantly evocative 'Olive Tree', perhaps the most poignant comment ever on the plight of the Palestine people, to Dandelion Radio's fifth anniversary compilation in 2011 and that became the first of three tracks to make the festive fifty.  They've recorded two excellent albums for Probe Plus and have another one due for release late in 2014, which will feature a version of this track, available for the first time here. 

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