Friday, 10 October 2014

21 Songs for John: 9 - Half Man Half Biscuit

Half Man Half Biscuit – Bob Wilson – Anchorman

When Half Man Half Biscuit released Back In the DHSS in 1985, the immediate injection of freshness it brought to a mid-eighties indie scene that was often too inclined to take itself too seriously predictably delighted John Peel.  The first of their thirteen appearances in session for the show came later that year and, despite splitting temporarily in the late eighties, they've gone from strength to strength and have, in recent years, produced arguably their best work.  Their new album, Urge For Offal will be released this autumn, as always for Probe Plus.  This much-loved track comes from their 2001 EP Editor's Recommendation and featured in that year's festive fifty. 

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