Tuesday, 14 October 2014

21 Songs for John: 12 - Yeah Yeah Noh

Yeah Yeah Noh – She Pulls the Petal From the Flower

Yeah Yeah Noh only existed for two years in the mid-eighties and it's probably due to the enormously high quality of what they put out that they seemed to be around for much longer than that.   Their three Peel sessions, released as the Fun On the Lawn Lawn Lawn album in 1986, comprise one of the best collections of session material ever made available, while the band made their only appearance in the festive fifty with the unforgettable 'Bias Binding' in 1984.  The Cherry Red compilation Leicester Square provides an excellent career retrospective.  Yeah Yeah Noh reformed in 2012 and have a forthcoming album of new material in the pipepine.  One of the tracks featured on it will be this, which was recorded early this year and released as the album's first single. 


21 Songs for John

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