Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Best Albums of 2012: 3. BOK Darklord

3. Lulu - BOK Darklord

Your brief: take a crap album that was the result of a collaboration between a perenielly dull and pointless band and a once-legendary singer who's produced little of worth in the last twenty years, erase it, revisit the original concept and do it all from scratch.

BOK Darklord - a merging of the considerable creative juices of Lucas Darklord and Buttress O'Kneel - took on such a task and from it created one of the best, and most original, albums of 2012.   Via the simple but effective recource of simply taking a load of Metallica tracks, a load of Lou Reed tracks, and coarsely ramming them together, they recreated Lulu, transforming it from a derided piece of crap into a visionary masterpiece.

The recording, in all its harsh glory, can be downloaded for nothing from Australia's Wood & Wire label, an amazing offshoot of the New Weird Australia project that was a strong contender for label of the year.   Get it here.

Mark W

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