Sunday, 2 December 2012

Best Albums of 2012: 8 - The Wave Pictures

8.  Long Black Cars - The Wave Pictures (Moshi Moshi)

Just as, if the moon were a bit bigger or a bit closer, gravitational pull would bring it crashing into earth, it seems to me that if The Wave Pictures' materials was just that little bit slicker or that little bit less edgy, they'd be really shit.   Thankfully, they traverse these boundaries so deftly and with such skill that they end up being as far from being shit as it's possible to me.  Long Black Cars may well be their best collection yet, from the cranked up indie hootenany of 'Stay Here & Take Care of the Chickens' to the rhythmic stomp of 'Spaghetti' (with which they opened up their memorable Green Man set this year) the work of a band at the height of their very considerable powers.

Mark W

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