Monday, 17 December 2012

Best Albums of 2012: 5. Future Of The Left

5.  The Plot Against Common Sense - Future Of The Left

While so much of the country rests in post-recession slumber that pretends it was all a temporary blip caused by a few rogue bankers, Future Of The Left occupy a more enlightened realm which doesn't pretend displays and street-bound protests are no more than apolitical troublemaking, knows the bankers were part of a planned economic experiment more than thirty years in the making and understands well enough that the future is out of control and up for grabs.

Into such a mix they throw ire-drenched diatribes at such varied subjects as racist footballers, multi-sequel films and a lad apologising to his dad that he missed the riots in a stab at the generation gap that throws a well aimed grenade into the chasm separating the miner's strike and the St Paul's protests.  They do so with a frenetic zeal which makes the overall effect more a scattergun splattering of varied targets rather than a carefully constructed manifesto, and the music's so much better for it.

Mark W

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