Thursday, 6 December 2012

Best Albums of 2012: 7. Heavy Hippies

7.  Cheapdrugsfreelove - Heavy Hippies

Never thought I'd be putting this insanely narcotics-mangled mind-trip of an album down as low as number seven, but again it illustrates the quality of what's been put out this year.  I stumbled across this by accident, when grabbing a copy of an Al Lover & The Haters release from Al's bandcamp site.  There it sat, apparently out of place, and available for free download, so I thought I might as well give it a listen. 

For weeks it barely left my media player as I fed my head with such souply cosmic gems as 'Walking Through the Sludge of Ininite Dischord', 'Roger From Zapp? (Vodka)' and, the brilliant, drug monologue-infused 'Swamp Donkey'. 

Apparently the album is the second part of a a tape release called Satanic Tambourines, which I've never heard.   Heavy Hippies are from San Francisco, via Ursa Minor and some unknown dimension, and you can still grab hold of this masterpiece for free here.   Get it - your ears and your mind will love you forever in roughly equal proportions.

Mark W

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