Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Best Albums of 2012: 6. Bill Baird

6. Career - Bill Baird

Quirky, occasionally spaced out yet oddly singable, the music of Bill Baird has provided both a self-sung soundtrack for any time I've spent in the shower in 2012 and a bouncing accompaniment to many a car journey. 

The sumptuous melodic psychedelia of 'Your Dark Sunglasses Don't Make You Lou Reed' is an off-kilter delight, the driving 'Captain Brain' a forceful manifesto of psychological skullduggery set to irresistable music while 'Stingk' and 'Does Not Compute_Head Wound Error' are cosmic juggernauts from the darkside of your toilet.  

The vinyl will set you back $25 but it's worth it.  Probably.   But then the download version can be got for only $5 if you're unconvinced.

Mark W

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