Saturday, 20 December 2014

Best Albums of 2014: 4. Blue Thirteen - Huerequeque & Threes and Will (Blue Tapes)

I probably didn't pay enough attention to the Estonian music scene.  While this release has encouraged to do so, I still haven't found anything anything like as good as it in my searches.  Then again, I've not found much to match it in the rest of the world either.  Blue Tapes long ago established themselves as one of the best sources for astonishing music on the planet and, with Katie Gateley's single last year, they placed themselves close to the top of my list of favourite record labels.

This pushed them even further up, a torrent of spectacular noise that manages to be abrasive and yet contain enough subtle manipulations to crank itself up into new areas when you'd begun to suspect there was nowhere else it could possibly find to go.  An astonishing release from two astonishing bands on an astonishing label.

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