Saturday, 6 December 2014

Top Forty Albums of 2014: 15-11

Another dollop of my favourite music of the year:

15. The Chronicles of Cheeze, Volume V - Lee Negin (Passing Phase)

A regular visitor to these end of year lists.  This is his best yet - an extravaganza of subtly weird electronica.

14. Departure - The Vacant Lots (Sonic Cathedral)

There was so much really good psychedelic rock around in 2014, but few releases matched this: thrills from start to finish.

13.  These Songs Hate You - The Crytearions (Self-released)

Brilliantly savage bandcamp release from an Irish band who I discovered by chance.  Extraordinary noise.

12.  March of the Gremlins - Naram (Jahtari)

Another one from early in the year that's been on regular rotation ever since.  Glorious.

11.  New Codes of the Unfun - Nnevteiga (Self-released)

With this and their 2013 album, Nnevteiga can justifiably claim one of the finest two-album punches of recent years. Twisted noise with just a touch more melody than their previous release.

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