Sunday, 21 December 2014

Best Albums of 2014: 3. Too Drunk To Pluck - The Pukes (Self-released)

The most refreshing release of the year.  If the concept of a bunch of mainly female punk fans donning ukuleles and knocking out a load of covers alongside some original tunes seemed intriguing, we really had no right to expect it would come out as good as this.  It works partly because of the band's original selections - only The Ramones and Dead Kennedys tunes on here might be called obvious choices - and partly because they clearly do what they do out of a sheer passion for doing what they like.  So there's no grotesque tribute band parading here - just an unvarnished, infectious and highly enjoyable collection of tunes put out in the original spirit of punk.   It's a no-cynic zone - so abandon any pretensions you might have and dive in.

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