Monday, 1 December 2014

Top Forty Albums of 2014: 25-21

Continuing my annual countdown:

25. Vatta - DerTANZ (Self-released)

DerTANZ stand out even in the vibrant Hungarian music scene.  This brooding monster offers perhaps the finest example yet of a sound that sees them stand apart from the noisy clarion calls of so many of their excellent compatriots.  DerTANZ are different - embrace them.

24. Flying Ant Day - Tyrannosaurus Dead (Odd Box)

Indie pop with a frenetically caustic edge.  If Odd Box are one of the foremost labels in a fresh and vibrant scene, TD are their standard bearers.

23. The Infinity Dub Sessions - Deadbeat & Paul St Hilaire (BLKRTZ)

Deadbeat and St Hilaire's styles clash magnificently in this pulsing, throbbing musical extravaganza.  

22.  Investigates Strange Weather Patterns & the UFO Cults of Cold War Nevada - The Fucked Up Beat (Self-released)

Erstwhile Daddy Tank sound-twisters strut their stuff independently and produce music that manages somehow to destroy brain cells and expand minds at the same time.

21. Rave Tapes - Mogwai (Rock Action)

They just get better.  Released in January of this year: next instalment in one of music's most engrossing series due in Jan. 2015.

More soon.

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